What did you feel the first time you put on the suit?

Angsty Avengers: Tony Stark (companion series: Smiling Avengers)


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“My diagnosis is that you experienced a severe anxiety attack”

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#Tony isn’t the all-American good guy kid of superhero #It’s not that he doesn’t know how to be selfless or put the cause above himself #It’s that he doesn’t know how to show that he doesn’t FEEL like the all-American good guy #So he hides behind different masks #One as Iron Man #And one as Tony Stark #genius billionaire playboy philanthropist #who jokes about the most important things #and acts like he has everything under control #because he needs to #because he’s afraid if people look close enough they’ll see how he really feels #how he isn’t ‘good’ enough #and he doesn’t feel like he’s worth it #so when push comes to shove #he’ll take the course of action that will take himself out of the equation #or make people hate him #so everyone else makes it out okay #because he may not be worth it #but if he can save as many people as possible #then THAT is worth it to him


There is literally nothing that can distract me from this scene.